The Problem with US Men’s Tennis

Wait, there’s a problem? Well, yes. USAToday noted that, of the 7 men in the top 100 (yes, just 7), 4 of them competed in college. Seems strange…yes, that we have only 7 men in the top 100, but also that college is not more of a proving ground for men’s tennis. Wait, also interesting Read More

IRS Mess

This mess with the IRS is…amazing. Especially the email portion of this. The IRS is telling us that it just so happens Ms. Lerners computer hard drive crashed and lost the emails during a crucial time period. Everyone seems focused on the fact that they also “recycled” the hard drive so evidence is now gone. Read More

IRS say don’t trust US Mail

Yep, so I’m talking with the IRS about this closed business of mine. I have to send in all sorts of paperwork to show a business was closed down over a year ago. The IRS agent says, “be sure to send it certified mail,, or via FedEx”. “Why” I said. “You just can’t trust the Read More

Labor Participation Rate

So I’m readying National Geographic and there’s a great article called “The Ship Breakers”. The story is about what happens to large cargo ships once they reach their end-of-life (which is approximately 30 years FYI). The short version of the story is this: Ship is sent to Bangladesh Ship is beached Men and kids desperate Read More