When I first saw this published in The Telegraph, I thought, “leave it to some wacky Brit to come up with this idea”.

The only problem is, it isn’t a wacky Brit, it an idiot American.

I put this in the same stink pile as the “Man is Pregnant” BS where the woman who deemed herself a man then got pregnant.

Anyway, it appears this guy is trying to make a point in the gay marriage arena…or he really is just a nut job.

For some reason the article lists what he has done (“a former judge advocate and combat veteran”) but doesn’t say was he now does…other than watch a lot of porn.

Apparently the courts in Florida and Utah have found his legal argument unpersuasive, which may be a testament to have skills in the legal world.

Remember, he was noted as being a judge advocate.  In military terms, that is a lawyer.  Well, I’m sure someone could be a judge advocate and not be a lawyer, but generally this is what it means.

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