How does this happen?

I’m dealing with the IRS on a closed business, they hassle me because I didn’t tell them this business no longer exists.

YET, according to the AP there are 318,000 federal workers that owe $3.3 Billion in back taxes.

At some point people have to be reprimanded, to include losing their job.

Here’s a breakdown of those that owe back taxes according to the AP Article:

  • 714 people working for the House & Senate.
  • 821 people who work for the federal judiciary branch
  • 4.1% of active civilian government workers
  • 5.3% of people working for HUD (the highest rate)
  • 15,000 people at the Dept of Veterans Affairs
  • 30,000 Postal Service workers
  • 25,000 military personnel (this may include those deployed who are legally allowed to pay taxes later, upon return home)

What I don’t get is, at every level of government, workers get away with things they should.

Ok, I said every, I’m basing some of this on my experience in the military.  I had extremely high expectation of me, that if I didn’t live up to them, I was done.

Why do city employees driving city vehicles not wear seat belts or they speed?

It is just ridiculous what “they” get away with on our dollar.


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