Federal Workers Owe IRS

How does this happen? I’m dealing with the IRS on a closed business, they hassle me because I didn’t tell them this business no longer exists. YET, according to the AP there are 318,000 federal workers that owe $3.3 Billion in back taxes. At some point people have to be reprimanded, to include losing their Read More

Time for a simpler tax code

Wow, I just got off the phone with the IRS. I called because I receive a letter stating a business (that no longer exists) owed money. Did you know you have to tell the IRS that a business has closed?  I didn’t. Did you know that if you don’t tell the IRS this, they’ll be Read More

Favorite Recent Quotes

“Americans can be very confident in the strength of our economy,” Pelosi told PJ Media on the red carpet of the Google/Netflix White House Correspondents Dinner pre-party. – Nancy Pelosi “Those guys – nobody likes them but they paid off enough people to keep their gig going. We’ll see how long that goes,” he told Read More

Man to marry computer?

When I first saw this published in The Telegraph, I thought, “leave it to some wacky Brit to come up with this idea”. The only problem is, it isn’t a wacky Brit, it an idiot American. I put this in the same stink pile as the “Man is Pregnant” BS where the woman who deemed Read More