I recently tried to access the vPC-GR Dashboard after logging into myPers.

Once I clicked the link Access the vPC-GR Dashboard I got stuck on the following screen:


So, I called our friends at myPers and got the run around.

First they had me change the cookie settings.  Nothing.

Next I was told the system goes down frequently.  Thanks.

Finally I was told I’d get a call back from a support tech “today”.  Today turned into never.
But I did receive an email that was not at all helpful.

So I’m using IE 11.  I made the wild assumption that this site would be first compatible with IE.
For “fun” I decided to try and access using Firefox.
All I had to do is turn off the popup block and everything worked great.

I informed myPers of this and they responded that they only will recommend use of IE as others have trouble with the other browsers.

Gee, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Can’t access vPC-GR FIX
  1. Lucia Greer says:

    Thanks for this. Just so you know they are not recommending it to others. I stumbled on your blog after several frustrating days of trying to get to the dashboard.

    I also agree that my promise for a phone call back from the help desk turned into never. I also got the same useless solution emails. I also tried all email instructions to clear cookies and browser history.

    My opinion all this automation has lessened the customer service from ARPC not, enhanced it.

  2. TheOpinion says:

    Oh, I know they aren’t recommending anything other than Internet Explorer.

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