Bitcoin Bafoonery

I really want to understand Bitcoin. I really want to think it is worthwhile. Yet – I still don’t get it. What I do get is something that keeps being touted as fraud free, keeps having thefts.An excellent quote being “any program with the proper key is able to make its own transactions”…yikes. Plus, as Read More

Bad Bread

Sub shops are a dime a dozen. Though I prefer to eat at local sub shops, when you are surround by Subway, Jimmy Johns, Firehouse and others, it can be a challenge to eat local. Well, when wonderful news about the bread you may eat comes out, it helps makes some decisions. According to USA Read More

Oh Snap!

We’re I been? Who knows, life got in the way. Opinions restarting… Has there been an Olympics in memory that wasn’t doom and gloom as the games approach? I don’t recall any…and of course, the news loves bad news, so…. I will say, it doesn’t sound great over there, and also find the almost instant Read More