Pizza Theorem

Yep, this is important stuff. The simple theorem is this: people like meat pizzas. The proof is seen every day.  In fact, you may test it yourself. Order pizza with a group of friends.  This group must include some females and males. Generally the  males will order meat related pizzas.  Maybe one guy on a Read More

Airline Snob

Sure, I may be an airline snob. What do you expect from someone who buys mostly non-refundable (also known as full fare) tickets. So, yes, when I’ve paid over $500 for my ticket and you have paid well under $200…I’ll have a problem if I hear you complain. Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit Read More

Ebola vs Influenza

Yep, listening to Indie talk on SiriusXM this morning I heard Pete Dominick poo-pooing how over blown talk about Ebola is compared to the flu. Is anybody surprised that the news has overblown something? Pete said something like: thousands die from the flu and nobody talks about that. Well, I know that as this time Read More

Post Office Waste

I often wondered why the U.S. Post Office was a sponsor of a bicycling team. It never made sense to me.  Cycling is a mainly European sport…how does it make sense to be a sponsor…even soccer makes more sense, but barely. Now, I see in the headlines that the Postal Service Chairman, Ruth Goldway, is Read More

Ebola and How We are Handling It

Not thrilled. I’m truly amazed at how we (we being Americans), politicize our reaction to Ebola haemorrhagic fever. I’m not a doc, but as a parent I know a few things, like: My school doesn’t allow a feverish child back to school until 24 hours after fever broke. This is “normal” fever reaction, not ebola Read More