They’re being called disgusting.

We civilized people can’t imagine how someone would do this…that is, take pictures of yourself next to the corpse of somebody who is daily trying to kill you.

Unimaginable…if you’ve never been trained by your government to kill.

We must not forget, our military is trained to kill.
Not babysit, not build roads, but kill.

Do I think I would have ever taken picture like these everyone is squawking about?  Nope…I don’t think so.

BUT – do you think anybody actually thinks this is something they would do?

Imagine these basics:

  • You’ve been trained to kill
  • You’ve been away from your family/home for more than 6 months
  • Daily somebody is trying to kill you and your friends

So, don’t be so high-and-mighty about how people should be acting, when you know nothing about the situation they are really in.

A few years back Chris Rock had this to say about OJ Simpson and his killing spree (I’m paraphrasing):

“What OJ Simpson did, killing two people, was wrong…but I understand.”

The same could be said about this situation.

Oh, and don’t forget, these pictures were taken TWO YEARS AGO!

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