He really is a genius…at stirring the pot…at keeping himself in the limelight…at looking like an idiot.

His latest goofball statement, Speaking to The Tom Joyner Morning Show on Wednesday, Jesse Jackson said:

“If a white kills a black we revolt, if a black kills a white it’s jail time, we kill each other it’s Miller time. It’s as if somebody has the right to kill us.”

Jackson then added “This right wing, we got to win the election, so wear your hoodie, put a voter registration card under your hoodie if you have a hoodie without a voter card you’ve been Hoodiewinked.”

Ok Jessie, care to clarify the part, “we kill each other it’s Miller time”?

How about the genius of the next statement, which I take to mean relecting Obama will somehow change things.
Have things been different the last few years?

I find it humorous that he things telling people to dress in hoodies will make a difference.  I wonder why he is always is fancy expensive suits?

How many hoodie wearing folks do you suppose he has working for him?

It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, if you dress in a way that makes you look threatening, then you are threatening.

But wait, is a hoodie threatening?  I wear one at times, especially after a workout in the winter.

Let’s be realistic here, a major reason a hoodie is worn by most hoodlums these days is to hide their identity.  It sort of reminds me of how people will drive with their seat slung back so you can barely see them…somehow this makes them feel tough.

Yet I go back to the question: how many of these “famous” complainers have hired somebody wearing a hoodie (maybe for yard work?).

Rather than incite people, why not talk to them with some intelligence?

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