11 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Hub Sucks
  1. eddieb says:

    I totally agree; only it’s with the Blu-Ray DVD player with smart hub.
    Smart hub is a joke; every time I go to use it there are updates that take forever or freeze the machine and, the one thing I really want to use it for (Netflix streaming) resets everytime and now doesn’t allow me to activate it as a Netflix device. All said, I should have bought a roku or other internet device (mac tv is on my list) and a simpler dvd player.
    The smart hub is a dumb hub.

  2. Derst says:

    it is very slow. Don’t know why it takes so long to boot. Smart hub is not good

  3. Sondra LoRe says:

    I will never by a Samsung TV simply because of the poor interface with Netflix. Unless calls to Samsung over the last three years. Exhausting. The Smart Hub design should work with Netflix. Also YouTube is no longer supported by the Smart Hub. Ugh. I do not recommend Samsung TVs. So many other options – look elsewhere.

  4. Duke says:

    I have reinstalled this so-called “smart hub” three times already! I watch a video and the next time I search it freezes up! Then I tried to view a live streaming event and it froze solid like an ice cube!
    There is no tech support. The browser is dated and tv won’t install a new version of anything! Last reset I lost the google search engine and stuck with Bing and some other foreign BS search engine.
    Whenever we turn the tv on/off it is never in sync with the cable box! In a word, JUNK!

  5. Danielle Hetrick says:

    This a waste of money and value time. Never buy a Samsung Tv

  6. Scott Fletcher says:


  7. Scott Fletcher says:

    Can’t even get utube or ESPN. What a piece of crap

  8. Tony Vella says:

    I agree. The “Smart” TV doesn’t even have a function to clear caches in apps or other routine control over apps. My Toshiba Fire TV is far superior in all phases and costs less. Never again – fool me twice, shame on me. I complained to Samsung about its design flaws and false advertising about a smart tv.

  9. R says:

    Samsung horrible. Will NEVER buy samsung again. Joke of a company. Incompetent losers. Same prob with other samsung appliances. Total crap. Stay away.

  10. Earl says:

    When I first got this TV back in 2011 thought it was pretty neat. Didn’t use the apps much, just Comcast and liked the picture. Occasionally I’d boot the apps to watch YouTube or something. But every time I’d go there it seemed to strip another app. No more YouTube, Hulu, etc. The standalone Samsung apps are a joke. Now I can’t even get Netflix to play on the TV even though it works on our other devices. Definitely not a SmartHub!

  11. Samsung TV sucks says:

    For a Samsung 2 weeks ago… And the TV sucks. The apps are always crashing and buffering. I switch to my roku stick that i saved and the stick work better than the TV apps.
    Never… ever buy a Samsung they are junk, if I didn’t need this TV I would put my foot through the piece of s..

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