Times Square Cartoon Bafoons

What happened to Times Square. The last time I was there you had the usual Naked Cowboy, robot guys and other vaguely talented people seeking attention and money. On my most recent visit the Square was filled with cartoon characters from Mickey to Sponge Bob. At first this appeared legit, until I got closer and Read More

Food Stamp Advertising

I just don’t get it. Do we seriously think people don’t know food stamps exist? Do we seriously think people won’t get food stamps due to the stigma of the name? Hence renaming the program SNAP. This article is amazing. Here is a partial list of marketing materials in both English and Spanish brochures titled Read More

David Gregory Out?

Rumors seem to be flying that David Gregory is out as Meet the Press front man. I thought he was a lousy choice. I don’t care for him and think he is tilted left vs. being right down the middle which is what I expect in that position. He had some big shoes to fill. Read More

Google Chrome Session Restore Sucks

Yes it does. Note: I”m an avid user of Chrome.  I still like Firefox better, but I run both at the same time. I have 5 site “pinned” in Google Chrome. Additionally, I typically have around 20 additional tabs open. The issue is when Chrome (or windows) crashes (yes, it sucks when Windows crashes). When Read More

Secret Service Mistakes

Hmm, those secret service guys really screwed up. Of course, I’d say what they screwed up was letting things get out of hand. I’m curious if any laws were broken. I sure sounds like some rules were broken, and usually in jobs like those, there is a catch-all rule that says something like: “Will always Read More