I don’t really consider myself having TMJ.

Yes, I have some jaw popping.

No I don’t grind my teeth while sleeping, but I might clench my teeth.

So, while on vacation I happen to be at a drug store and wow – they have mouth pieces on sale!

Well, heck…so I buy this 8 pack and that night wear one.

The next morning I can’t close my jaw on the right side.

It feels like somehow my meniscus has slipped between my jaw and won’t allow the right side of my jaw to close.

No pain, I just can’t close the right side of my mouth all the way.

A few days later I visit my dentist who prescribes me a muscle relaxer.
No real explanation, just take this.
The problem is, I can’t take a muscle relaxer during the day!

I tried it a few times at night – no help.

I start seeing a physical therapist who tells me the massiter  muscle was in spasm.


So he shows me a few stretches.  They helped, but still no closing of the jaw.

I then talk to an ENT doc friend who says, no muscle relaxer, but steroids.

So I take a week of steroids & on Thursday I’m actually able to close my jaw, after much struggle and stretching.

This is actually the first time I fully believe my meniscus is not out of place & between my jaws.

I’m now about a month after the first problem.

It takes about half the day to loosen the muscle enough to close my jaw completely.

Not sure when that muscle will finally relax.

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