I love to write on a dry erase board.

Whether brain storming or while explaining something.

I’ve had a 3′ x 5′ board for quite some time…and it just ain’t big enough.

Looking online to buy the next size up, even used, is just cost prohibitive.

So I started looking for alternatives.

The first alternative I found is Idea Paint (www.ideapaint.com).
It seems like what I was looking for.  The smallest “kit” which covers 50 sq feet is $25.  Not bad.
But, what caught my eye is the 7 day curing period…less than desireable.

So, I next looked at Whitey Board  (www.whiteyboard.com).  The concept here is they have a stick on white board film.
A 3′ x 6′ “board” is about $40.
I bought it and it sucked.
I wiped the wall clean, stuck the film on my wall, and when I came in the next day, it was barely hanging on the wall.
I gave it a few more tries with no luck.  I sent an email to the company and they quickly sent me a new one stating they had a bad batch from a new supplier.

Excellent, so I tried the new one…same problem.  This doesn’t work.

Finally, while at a “home improvement warehouse” I saw Rust-Oleom Dry Erase paint.
As it cost about $20, I figured I’d give it a try.
WOW – this rocks!

One can covered about a 9’x4′ area.

NOTE: the instructions say if painting over a dark area, put a coat of white primer on first.
Of course I didn’t, and I see why you should.
This paint is rather thin, so my hunter green base paint was peering through.

I put on a second coat and it looks great.

Another thing, as this paint is pretty thin, don’t try to glob it on, because that will create drips.

So, if you prep properly: use a white primer, and apply it good and thin (basically follow their directions), you’ll have a great, cost-effective dry erase board.

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