Best Christmas Movies Every

Sure there are some classic black & white Christmas movies…but really, what Christmas movies to you want to watch every year? For me they are: A Christmas Story Christmas Vacation Elf I just finished watching Elf, and not only is it a funny movie, but…I’m almost embarrassed to say this…tears were brought to my eyes Read More

Dry Erase Paint

I love to write on a dry erase board. Whether brain storming or while explaining something. I’ve had a 3′ x 5′ board for quite some time…and it just ain’t big enough. Looking online to buy the next size up, even used, is just cost prohibitive. So I started looking for alternatives. The first alternative Read More

Alec Baldwin shows his true colors

I like Alec Baldwin…as an actor. He is great. Obviously, he doesn’t give a hoot about people. Even if he was on a private jet, he would have had to turn off his phone. That rule, as annoying and antiquated as it may be, is a federal regulation. The airlines didn’t make it up. It Read More

TMJ lockjaw

I don’t really consider myself having TMJ. Yes, I have some jaw popping. No I don’t grind my teeth while sleeping, but I might clench my teeth. So, while on vacation I happen to be at a drug store and wow – they have mouth pieces on sale! Well, heck…so I buy this 8 pack Read More