I’ve written before about my disgust for Netflix…Yet…I’m a customer.

As an outsider looking in, the shenanigans going on at Netflix amaze me.

Sure, all the talking heads explain that streaming videos is the future.

Who used DVDs anyhow?

Anyone heard of RedBox?  They popped up pretty quickly and deal in that antiquated DVD market.

The way I look at it, having both under one roof is the smartest strategic move.

The infrastructure that has been created for the DVD side of Netflix is huge & expensive.
That’s a nice barrier to entry, meaning…that kid in the basement can’t very easily replicate your business.

Video streaming is everywhere.

YouTube.  Hulu.  All the major movie channels seem to be coming out with a competitor.  Amazon, etc.

Streaming doesn’t have nearly the barrier to entry.

Plus,  really everything Netflix has learned has been from the DVD side of the business.

Finally, in the news today was mention that Netflix uses 32% of internet bandwidth.
I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes a festering problem.

I liked having both DVD and streaming.

Though I barely used streaming…so that price hike led me to drop the streaming like a hot rock.

Like a rock star who crashes & burns, Netflix seem determined to screw things up.

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