Each year we do a hike to a nice remote mountain top.

It’s about 6 miles each way.

At the top is a rustic facility we stay in.

This experience makes it feel like we know how to ruff-it.

Last year I bought some nice hiking boots for the trip and of course needed to get some smart socks.

By the time we were at the top, my ankles had been rubbed raw.

On the way down I didn’t even tie the top of the laces.

Damn these boots suck, I thought.

Later that year I wore the boots with some “normal” socks and there were quite comfortable.

I decided it must be the socks, not the boots.

Further study showed these damn “smart” socks had a seam that crossed my ankle bone – painful!

As this years hike approached, I went looking for replacement hiking socks.

Smart sock after smart sock had the seam running across my ankle bone.

Finally I found some Red Head hiking socks at Bass Pro.

No ankle seem – should be good.

Not good, but fantastic!

These less expensive hiking socks – not even smart – are the answer.

For me, they are the perfect hiking sock.

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