I took two of my children for their annual well baby…ok, not well baby anymore, but physical.

Neither of them wanted to get any shots, and I assured them this was not a visit for shots.

Next I was asked if my 10 year old would have the HPV vacine.

What’s that I ask – it’s for genital warts!


Not concerned my child will get genital warts any time in the next year, I made the, quick, command decision to skip that vaccine…at least this time.

Next we were offered the flu vaccine that is sprayed up the nose.

I decided to jump on this as I figure it will run out later in the year, as it always seems to do.

They both took a shot up the nose – you’d think there was a needle attached.

They both coughed and chocked and acted like the world might end.

So much for reduced drama.

Well, the next day, they both had a low grade fever.

Once came home early from school.

It wasn’t until I picked up the second from school and mentioned his head was warm, that it clicked.

So be aware, the nose mist flu vaccine will likely cause some flu-like symptoms the next day.

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