I was first alerted to this by my mother.

You see, my folks both like an isle seat.

So, when my mom buys airline tickets, she puts them both in an isle…and not necessarily in the same row.

On their last few flight, on Delta, they have been moved so they sit next to each other, meaning on gets the isle, the other sits in the middle.

As they are frequent flyer member, I told her to call and ask what was up.

The response was less than desirable…change of equipment.

Had this seat swap only happened this time…maybe.

But this is too regular to be an equipment issue.

Today while traveling, I heard a passenger go up to the ticket counter and ask about the same thing – why did my seat get changed?

Whatever answer they gave him, he was not pleased.

Just when you thought a frequent flyer number meant something…you realize it does not.

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