Airlines Swapping Seats

I was first alerted to this by my mother. You see, my folks both like an isle seat. So, when my mom buys airline tickets, she puts them both in an isle…and not necessarily in the same row. On their last few flight, on Delta, they have been moved so they sit next to each Read More

The Best hiking socks

Each year we do a hike to a nice remote mountain top. It’s about 6 miles each way. At the top is a rustic facility we stay in. This experience makes it feel like we know how to ruff-it. Last year I bought some nice hiking boots for the trip and of course needed to Read More

Flu Shot Sniffles

I took two of my children for their annual well baby…ok, not well baby anymore, but physical. Neither of them wanted to get any shots, and I assured them this was not a visit for shots. Next I was asked if my 10 year old would have the HPV vacine. What’s that I ask – Read More