I’ve had a love hate relationship with Netflix over the years.

I first started using Netflix in the late 1990’s while in the military and station in Germany.

At that time, you couldn’t rent DVD’s in Germany, at least not English language DVD’s.

We had two options: buy DVD’s or rent via Netflix.

Since our address over there was technically a US address (APO/AE), it didn’t cost anything extra to mail items to/from, but it did take a little longer.

Because of this added time, if we wanted a movie for the weekend, we had to follow a strict schedule:

  • Order movie by Monday
  • Receive movie by Friday
  • Watch movie over weekend
  • Send move first thing Monday
  • Repeat

It worked great and as long as we got the movie sent back to Neflix by Monday, all worked fine.

Then came the letter.

Netflix would no longer send DVDs to APO/AE addresses.

As I saw it, this was a definite blow to US Military families who lived overseas.

I dropped Netflix like a hot rock and vowed to never use them again.

After moving back to the USA, we did the standard Blockbuster rentals.

We had (and still have) one not too far from our house.

It worked just fine.

Once in a while my wife would bring up switching to Netflix…I refused.

For some reason 3 or 4 years ago the subject came up again, and I relented.

Up until about 3 days ago I was, once again, happy with Netflix.

We got the email from Netflix notifying us of the new rates.

I thought for sure I’d see a caveat for those that were current customers…nope.

No grandfather clause.

Hmm.  Verizon just got rid of the unlimited data plans…for new customers.  Current customers still have unlimited data.

Do I max out my cell phone data?  No.

Do I want unlimited data? Yes.

Do I use video streaming on Netflix? Rarely.

Do I want video streaming? Yes…unless I have to pay additional.

I’m back on the hate side of you Netflix.

You do a lot of things right, but understanding your customers doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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