Claims of addiction to things a mundane as the internet seem silly.

This article covers an angle on the story.

My knee-jerk reaction is to laugh…then I remember.

I don’t consider myself a very addiction minded person.

BUT, I then remember playing DOOM for hours while my infant child slept in my lap.
ALSO, when I sit down and play X-Box with one of my kids these days…I must walk away.

I don’t know that I’m addicted to video games…let’s just say I don’t load games on my phone for a reason.

I call this self control.

When I see a “fatty” drinking a milk shake with the burger and fries, I see weakness.

It is not Micky-D’s fault, not the internet’s fault, not the soda makers fault…it is your fault.

If you feel lonely because you can’t get on the internet…you probably are lonely and need to make real friend.


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