It has been interesting to watch over the years how complacent airlines are toward fat people.

Airlines for years seem to have been (and still seem to be) afraid to charge fat people who roll over into another seat extra.

This, while they are happy to nickle and dime me to death.

It seems that Southwest Airlines has been the one to press this issue.

Look, if you must ask for the seat belt extender in order to actually fasten you seat belt, there is a problem.

For those unaware, the seat belt extender is that “demonstration” seat belt flight attendants use to show everyone how to buckle and unbuckle their belt.

I don’t see anything unreasonable about forcing people over a certain weight to either buy 2 seats or buy a 1st/biz class seat.

If you have ever had to sit next to one of these fatties and have them blob over into your seat…you too would feel the same way.

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