Leave it to bureaucrats to screw things up.

Leave it to bureaucrats to not see the bigger picture.

“The state says that Amazon is responsible for the tax it has not collected on online sales made in Texas. The $269 million includes the taxes, plus penalties and interest, from 2005 to 2009.

The state is seeking money from Amazon because its distribution center is in Irving. Under a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision, that physical presence means Amazon potentially could be required to collect sales tax on transactions in Texas, according to legal experts.”

So Amazon says, fine, we’ll remove our physical presence.  We’ll take our ball and go home.

Amazon plans to close a distributions center in Dallas–this is what gives Amazon the physical presence that Texas says requires them to collect taxes made in Texas.

We all know states are looking to “generate more revenue” (which of course means collect more taxes) rather than cut spending.

So let’s see “Ms. Bureaucrat”, which is a better outcome…collect taxes from Amazon or lose 119 jobs?

It is just rediculous…and I hope the Texas Governor is able to shake some sense into those folks.

Wait, I just noticed something: swap the e and a in Texas and you get taxes.

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