The article states, “Company Hopes Webb Marketplace Will Make Android Software Easier to Find.”

Easier to find?

I use an Android phone.

I don’t have a gazzilion apps.

Really, most apps are a crutch…showing the touch screen process of surfing the web is very inefficient.

Back to the subject…I don’t find it difficult to find apps.

Yes, I will do some online research when I’m looking for a specific capability…and really, this is where the online app store will be helpful.  Not in the research, but the selection after research.  Well, let me say,  think it will be helpful.

Funny thing is…where do you generally do your research on apps?  On your computer?


I’m not saying Google shouldn’t have an online app store…I think what the real point here is…seeing how inefficient the small factor touch screen interface is.

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