Today I’ve had it.

Today I’m done with these BS coupons.

Like many folks, I sign up for these “loyalty programs” hoping to get some good coupons.

Best Buy sends out a fair amount of coupons about once a month it seems.

Every time I take these coupons when I make a purchase, it seems there is some stupid reason I can’t use the coupon (no it hasn’t expired).

Today I received a coupon for Office Depot.

As I needed to make a purchase (and I’d be near the Office Depot), I decided to give this coupon a shot.

I’m all pumped to get my $10 off on my purchase that is great than $50.

So I buy a piece of software, and grab a few binders as my $10 “gift”.

While I’m paying I notice a slightly puzzled look on the cashier’s face.

He turns the card over and starts reading.

“Sorry, this can’t be used with software”.  What?

A closer look at the 7 bullets of what you can’t use this coupon for include:

  • “any technology or consumer electronics product & accessories or media”
  • “software products”
  • HP ink or toner

So, Office Depot, a place with lots of technology and electronics won’t let you use your coupon when you buy any of that stuff.

Great…thanks for tricking me.

I’m done using my loyalty membership…no more tracking me.

These coupons are a modern day version of the bait-and-switch.

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