On the ‘ole BlackBerry, ziff Davis had a real nice news reader.

It was built on the same design as Forbes magazine news reader.

Both of these were simple and informative.

On my move to the Droid world I discovered Ziff doesn’t have a similar interface for this platform.

I searched and found what I thought to be a nice replacement.

Turns out I was wrong.

This CNET reader is good up to the point where you want to read the details of a story.  At this point you are directed to a non-mobile version of the CNET website.

Extremely disappointing.

FYI: this post typed entirely on my Droid…using the WP app…watch out for typos.

Edit: all of the above was actually typed on my Incredible using the WordPress for Android app.
I’m not sure why the underlines.
Also, not sure why this didn’t actually post, but it was saved as a draft.

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