I just finished my first week with my Droid Incredible.

As previously noted, I have used a Blackberry for a long time.
I like the Blackberry.
I like the smooth sync with Outlook (not Exchange, but plain ‘ole Outlook sync).
I like the powerful email/filtering etc.
I like the fact that I know it…the quirks and all…I understand the Blackberry.

Yet, I have given in to Screen Envy.  App Envy.  Surfing Envy.

After a week of Droid, I really dig it.

I also realize you don’t need half of what smartphones can do toay.

Further, I now understand apps.

At least most apps.

Apps are there because, even though it is nice to have a computer in your pocket,
surfing is still cumbersome on those tiny screens.

Hence, smart websites either make an app or a mobile friendly site.

Currently the best news app I’ve found is USA Today.

Best thing so far?  Time wasting apps.

Worst thing so far? Battery gets sapped is you leave Wifi & GPS on all day.

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