Dear Blackberry,

We’ve had a long great relationship.

You were my first…portable email device.

Back then I used the sparse T-Mobile network.

Yea, I knew the network was inferior, but I was willing to deal with that for the price.

I finally had enough and switched to Verizon, and upgraded my ancient 7100 to a curve.

Loved the new device, though I did notice my typing slowed a bit.

There really is something about that compressed keyboard that works.

Then came the iPhone.

Yea, it’s cool, but damn that network sucks.

After being on one crappy network, I’ll never go back.

But, Blackberry, you’re falling behind the times.

Your attempt to stay relevant is failing…if not failed.

The major issue is this: There really are enough apps for your phones (no we don’t need a gazillion apps to survive), but since the BB is considered a biz phone, ever app creator feels they can charge stupid amounts for an app.

Kind of like hotel/airport wireless access.

I recently got a Droid Incredible.

I was momentarily torn between an X and the Incredible.

Once holding an X, the decision was easy…the X is too big for my taste.

I’ll be honest, I did everything I could to make the BB tolerable.

And the latest model looks like a nice attempt to catch up…but again, that app market is a dud.

Is the Droid perfect? No.

I’ll go into this in more detail later.


Oddly enough, there is no built in Outlook sync.

Yes there are ways to get it done, but this should be simple.

Apps are cool, but far from essential.

I need a calendar, contact book, phone, internet…everything else is gravy.

My point here is, Blackberry, sure the tactile keyboard is what made you, but sometime you just need to let go.

That is what I’ve done.

The move from the 7100 to my Curve actually showed me this.

My typing slowed down quite a bit with the Curve.

My typing may slow down a bit more, but at this point, that just doesn’t matter.

It was fun, and you mean a lot to me…have a good life.

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