Where I live there is a local proposal up for vote that for various reason, will increase local sales tax by 1 cent.

Wow, a measly penny!

In general I despise taxes.

In general, if you keep adding a 1 cent tax, pretty soon that adds up…remember, that’s not just 1 cent, but it is 1 PERCENT.

This morning I heard a radio ad in favor of this tax increase.

One of the points they made is “70% of this tax will be paid by folks that don’t live here.”

Ah, the we’ll-just-tax-the-other-guy tax.

This strategy works on people who don’t travel and who don’t think.

If you’ve ever traveled, and rented a car at an airport, you’ve been touched by one of those tax-the-other-guy taxes.

You know what I mean, the rental car only “costs” $35 per day, but when you return the car after 2 days and your bill is $120 ($70 for the car and another $50 in taxes and user fees), you get pissed off.

Pretty soon, everyone is taxing the other guy…so everyone is getting taxed.

This mentality stinks.

Taxes stink.

Government needs to learn to operate in the real world.

Government workers need to learn to operate in the real world…don’t get me started here.

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