I’ve heard many people over the years exclaim: find a job you love doing.

In theory that sounds great.

The problem is, if you really love your work:

  • You’ll potentially never stop working then get burned out
  • You’ll be happy to do your work for less money

Go ahead, poo-poo what I’m saying.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Airline Pilots

Pilots are well know for loving what they do.  Most pilots start out learning to fly, then to help pay to fly more (there are many ratings and hours of flying one must to do become a professional pilot) most become instructors.

Many will also do about anything to fly and build hours, it gets rediculous.

Finally, when you get hired by that regional airline, you’ll be making a whopping $17 per hour to work super long days.

IF that pilot ever makes it to the major airlines, things get better, but these days, not a whole lot.

BUT they love what they do.  If it where not for unions, pilots would probably make around $50 per hour.

Crowd Sourcing

This is a pleasant way of saying: I can get a lot of people to submit work for free to me, then I’ll choose one and pay that person as little as possible.

Examples of crowd sourcing would be:

  • The open source software community
  • 99 Designs type sites

From a business perspective I LOVE this!

I can submit something to 99 Designs and have 50+ people grovel to do my work.

I then sit back and pick the one I want.

49 people just did the work for free.

Some will argue that it builds experience.

Some will argue this is a new age.

Hey, the economy stinks and people need to do what they need to do.

I get it.

Still, if you love what you do too much…be careful.

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