Don’t Love your work

I’ve heard many people over the years exclaim: find a job you love doing. In theory that sounds great. The problem is, if you really love your work: You’ll potentially never stop working then get burned out You’ll be happy to do your work for less money Go ahead, poo-poo what I’m saying. Let’s look Read More

Tax the Other Guy

Where I live there is a local proposal up for vote that for various reason, will increase local sales tax by 1 cent. Wow, a measly penny! In general I despise taxes. In general, if you keep adding a 1 cent tax, pretty soon that adds up…remember, that’s not just 1 cent, but it is Read More

How to Solve the Gulf Oil Mess

How to really get the oil out of the gulf Yes, I do have a solution… What is going on in the Gulf of Mexico is a mess, both literally and figuratively. No need to re-hash all the BS that BP has put out or may put out in the future. We need to clean Read More

My Flowbee Died

Yes, I’m a flowbee user. I also cut my boys’ hair usually. I believe it was 1998 when I first purchased the beauty. I was in the military and had to get my hair cut every 2 week. I didn’t like the barbers on base and stumbled across the flowbee. Since owning the flowbee, I’ve Read More

Adobe Elements Stinks

I’m rather tech savvy. I’m rather tolerant and tend to try to make things work. I’ve tried to make Adobe Elements 8.0 work for a solid month, and I’m done. Note: all the Apple juice drinkers realize that I desire a windows solution, I do not desire to move to a Mac to solve this Read More