Cecil the Lion is not policital

So this dentist who killed Cecil the lion sure screwed up. It is a sad situation that this lion was killed. Just as sad is the attempt by the media to make this somehow political. The Hill.com has had one of their minions search electoral records of donations to see if the idiot dentist donated Read More

Technology and Traveling Abroad

I just traveled to Europe and had a great time. I got lazy before going.  I figured with my smart phone I wouldn’t need any maps or a translation book. Wrong. I did setup a data plan for Europe—it ain’t cheap. The fact that I was quite limited in my data made me use my Read More

More Men’s Tennis Problems?

Previously I wrote a post about what I view as one of the big problems with the men’s tennis “farm” system. In the Wall Street Journal recently, there was an interesting article about how colleges are trying to make tennis a more interesting spectator sport. That there is a belief that tennis needs to be Read More

Shower Drips when Toilet Flushed

Hmm, mysterious. In our master bathroom, the toilet is next to the shower. When the toilet is flushed, the shower drips water until the toilet is filled again. Mysterious indeed. I (we) put up with this for a few months thinking it may just be a fluke and go away. I had a plumber out Read More