Smart Devices Jump the Shark

I like tech. I don’t want tech to do everything for me. Whether the fear of the movie Wall-e or remembering my English teach aunt who wouldn’t use a calculator to figure test score percentages because she said calculators made her mind turn to mush… …I don’t want tech everywhere. Smart watch? Sure, but not Read More

FBI iPhone Hack?

It is suspicious. The FBI seems somewhat content suddenly. The ‘old “I’m with the FBI, I’m here to help” phrase didn’t work. Now, Apple has stalled and complained enough that, well, it appear that maybe, just maybe the FBI has figured this out on it’s own. I don’t know, maybe it would have been better Read More

Foul weather tennis fans

Wow, I never realized how many sports talking heads actually paid attention to professional tennis. Normally tennis gets…at most…a mere mention and usually that guffaw while spending whopping 23 seconds on a tennis mention from all the sports talk pros out there. Yep. Nothing. Nil. Love. Never worried about where the next great American tennis Read More

iPhone Encryption BS

I’m a flip-flopper on this topic. On the one hand I don’t want anyone to see my stuff, whether on my phone or in my house. The thing is, a court order can make me show law enforcement stuff in my house. So…why wouldn’t the same logic apply to my phone? Apple is also a Read More