Politics really brings out the worst in people…who aren’t even politicians. Too many people look at politicians like rock stars…they are not. Too many people get offended easily. Being offended is a choice.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Boredom

It is amazing how editing works. I watched the 3 point contest and it was awesome. Then came the dunk contest…historically very entertaining. This year I didn’t know any of the 4 (just four?) contestants. Really, if only 4 are intersted in participating, there is a problem. Anyhow – BORING. Lame, drawn out entroductions. First Read More

Super Bowl 2016 review

Well, for the game, on the one hand at the end if felt almost boring. First have solid defensive game and exciting. Second have, not as exciting, but I kept waiting for Cam to wiggle free as he does and throw a bomb for a touchdown. I expect it to happen, but it didn’t. Still Read More

Daily Christmas Card

For some reason I just realized this year that Facebook is just like a daily Christmas card. You know, some people send with their Christmas card an update on their family from the previous year. It is generally a nice page long update, sometimes with pictures. Well, that is what Facebook is…the daily, even hourly Read More