WP SlimStat WordPress Plugin Stinks

I’ve been using WP SlimStat WordPress plugin for some time on multiple sites. It has been a good plugin…has, or more correctly had been good. Recently I’ve had multiple issues. It started with websites not coming up and showing an error code that didn’t directly appear to be WP SlimStat, but upon deactivation of the Read More

Amazon Failed Christmas 2016

Yes. Failed. Nice try though. I don’t see how these failures get blamed on anyone but Amazon.com. Failure numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 where not ordered together, but seem to somehow be batched together. These products were ordered on Dec 16, 2016 then theoretically shipped Dec 16. Well, the screen shot below Read More

DirecTV Now

I decided to sign up for DirecTVNow and test it out. Yep, I’m tired of paying $100+ a month for cable. If it stays true that $35 a month for DirecTVNow for the second-from-the-top tier continues, this seems like a great deal. Note: It isn’t Direct TV Now, there is only one “T”. So DirecTVNow. Read More

Cat Stuck in Tree

Well, I left town on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon my son called and said our cat was stuck up a tree. Of course, this happens when I’m gone. The cat has done this before, and when she got hungry, she climbed down. Of course, this time it is different. Bigger tree. Higher in tree. I’m Read More

Yoga 2 Pro BSOD [Solved]

Here’s the situation: I’ve had a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for a few years. i7 top of the line model. It has been a great machine. This laptop came with Win8 on it. Never had a problem. With the upgrade to Windows 10 came all the great changes to Windows, but one inconsistent problem: many Read More