Bye Bye Bye AMEX

I’m not a big boycott person. I listen to music by those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles. I watch movies/TV with those for whom I may not agree with their politics and lifestyles. Yet, with the ridiculous amount of anger in the USA right now about a politician…and allowing Read More

Gas Company Fees Ridculous

So, it is mid June. I just looked at my May natural gas bill. I used $12.79 worth of natural gas. My bill? $47.18 Huh? Yep. Gas $12.79 “Base Charge” $26.85 Customer Service charge $5.95 Tax $3.09 Customer service charge? Ha. Utilities are raking us over the coals and it stinks.

Good Handling of Customer Feedback

So I recently made a post about staying at fancy hotels and how I feel like they nick-and-dime you to death. One thing they tend to do very well is customer service. As I usually do, I filled out a survey about my recent stay. I mentioned that, upon arrival at our room, there was Read More

Fancy Hotels Suck

I’m a card carrying cheap skate. Yet, I’m willing to spend…if it’s worth it. I’ve noticed over time that the more expensive a hotel is…the more the nickel-and-dime you. What’s up with that? I pay plenty for a room and: > pay too much for Wi-Fi > have not coffee maker in the room > Read More

United in Leggings

Everyone needs to take a collected deep breath. And out. So, United Airlines barred a few young ladies from flying as they were dressed inappropriately. What was inappropriate? Leggings. Now, if these young ladies were paying customers…I can see a problem. But… Theses were not paying customers. They were privileged pass riders. Pass rider is Read More