Week 1 With the Droid

I just finished my first week with my Droid Incredible. As previously noted, I have used a Blackberry for a long time. I like the Blackberry. I like the smooth sync with Outlook (not Exchange, but plain ‘ole Outlook sync). I like the powerful email/filtering etc. I like the fact that I know it…the quirks Read More

Bye Bye Blackberry

Dear Blackberry, We’ve had a long great relationship. You were my first…portable email device. Back then I used the sparse T-Mobile network. Yea, I knew the network was inferior, but I was willing to deal with that for the price. I finally had enough and switched to Verizon, and upgraded my ancient 7100 to a Read More

Don’t Love your work

I’ve heard many people over the years exclaim: find a job you love doing. In theory that sounds great. The problem is, if you really love your work: You’ll potentially never stop working then get burned out You’ll be happy to do your work for less money Go ahead, poo-poo what I’m saying. Let’s look Read More

Tax the Other Guy

Where I live there is a local proposal up for vote that for various reason, will increase local sales tax by 1 cent. Wow, a measly penny! In general I despise taxes. In general, if you keep adding a 1 cent tax, pretty soon that adds up…remember, that’s not just 1 cent, but it is Read More

How to Solve the Gulf Oil Mess

How to really get the oil out of the gulf Yes, I do have a solution… What is going on in the Gulf of Mexico is a mess, both literally and figuratively. No need to re-hash all the BS that BP has put out or may put out in the future. We need to clean Read More