Google Online App Store

The article states, “Company Hopes Webb Marketplace Will Make Android Software Easier to Find.” Easier to find? I use an Android phone. I don’t have a gazzilion apps. Really, most apps are a crutch…showing the touch screen process of surfing the web is very inefficient. Back to the subject…I don’t find it difficult to find Read More

Apple the Nanny State

If you look back over the “long” history of computers, you’ll see one of the reasons the PC took off was the wild west vs. Apple’s iron-fisted kingdom rule. Heck, one might say, in those early days Microsoft was more like open source and Apple was…well…not. From those early days to today one can point Read More

Damn Worthless Coupons

Today I’ve had it. Today I’m done with these BS coupons. Like many folks, I sign up for these “loyalty programs” hoping to get some good coupons. Best Buy sends out a fair amount of coupons about once a month it seems. Every time I take these coupons when I make a purchase, it seems Read More

CNET news reader Stinks

On the ‘ole BlackBerry, ziff Davis had a real nice news reader. It was built on the same design as Forbes magazine news reader. Both of these were simple and informative. On my move to the Droid world I discovered Ziff doesn’t have a similar interface for this platform. I searched and found what I Read More