Alec Baldwin shows his true colors

I like Alec Baldwin…as an actor. He is great. Obviously, he doesn’t give a hoot about people. Even if he was on a private jet, he would have had to turn off his phone. That rule, as annoying and antiquated as it may be, is a federal regulation. The airlines didn’t make it up. It Read More

TMJ lockjaw

I don’t really consider myself having TMJ. Yes, I have some jaw popping. No I don’t grind my teeth while sleeping, but I might clench my teeth. So, while on vacation I happen to be at a drug store and wow – they have mouth pieces on sale! Well, heck…so I buy this 8 pack Read More

Netflix Nuttiness

I’ve written before about my disgust for Netflix…Yet…I’m a customer. As an outsider looking in, the shenanigans going on at Netflix amaze me. Sure, all the talking heads explain that streaming videos is the future. Who used DVDs anyhow? Anyone heard of RedBox?  They popped up pretty quickly and deal in that antiquated DVD market. Read More

Dell Inspiron Laptop

I really like this laptop. Cost effective. Powerful. Well built. One problem: the power switch location. Because of its location, just above the Esc key, I run into a few issues: I will accidentally hit the power switch instead of the Esc key When picking up the laptop, with 1 hand, that area of the Read More

Airlines Swapping Seats

I was first alerted to this by my mother. You see, my folks both like an isle seat. So, when my mom buys airline tickets, she puts them both in an isle…and not necessarily in the same row. On their last few flight, on Delta, they have been moved so they sit next to each Read More