Flu Shot Sniffles

I took two of my children for their annual well baby…ok, not well baby anymore, but physical. Neither of them wanted to get any shots, and I assured them this was not a visit for shots. Next I was asked if my 10 year old would have the HPV vacine. What’s that I ask – Read More

Crying Wolf Again?

In the last few years, it seems nothing can get done in DC. It seems all anyone can do anymore is claim disaster is right around the corner. It gets old…and loses effectiveness.

Do Ratings Agencies have Credit?

When I hear mention of ratings agencies lowering the credit rating of the USA…I actually laugh. These are the same clowns that rated garbage mortgage funds as worthy investments. So, now they are magically on solid ground?

What is your Medical Data Worth?

According to an investigative report by a Flordia TV station, the state of Florida last year made $62 Million selling information on Florida citizens. What is really amazing about this is they didn’t sell much info, just drivers license data.  No SSN, no picture, but your name, address, phone. Supposedly the data buyer can not Read More

Addicted to…

Claims of addiction to things a mundane as the internet seem silly. This article covers an angle on the story. My knee-jerk reaction is to laugh…then I remember. I don’t consider myself a very addiction minded person. BUT, I then remember playing DOOM for hours while my infant child slept in my lap. ALSO, when Read More