Flu Shots, I hate shots

Yep, I hate getting shots. I know it doesn’t hurt…but…there’s just something about it. I recently had a physical, and the doc said something that makes complete sense, yet I’d never thought of it. First, he said ask for the “quad” flu shot. It has 4 virus types in it. This increases the chance of Read More

Car Door Locks Won’t Turn

I have a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquise that doesn’t get driven much. While it does have remote door unlock, since the car doesn’t get driven much, I disconnect the battery. Hence, I must use the old fashioned key to unlock the door initially. Last time I drove it I couldn’t get the key to turn. Read More

Masterbuilt Smoker Trips Breaker

So I’ve had my Masterbuilt electric smoker for a good 3 years. If you’ve searched for this post, you don’t need to be told that…yes…an electric smoker works great. Anyhow, I was going to smoke some ribs the other day. Plugged in the smoker, set the time, set the temp and doink! The GFI tripped. Read More