I have a beautiful Samsung LED high def TV.

I really love the picture.

It is a great TV.

But Smart Hub sucks.

It is slow.

It is cumbersome to navigate.

It does not have Amazon streaming.

Basically, Smart Hub is worthless.

Absolutely worthless.

Do not buy this TV for the purpose of Smart Hub.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Smart Hub Sucks
  1. eddieb says:

    I totally agree; only it’s with the Blu-Ray DVD player with smart hub.
    Smart hub is a joke; every time I go to use it there are updates that take forever or freeze the machine and, the one thing I really want to use it for (Netflix streaming) resets everytime and now doesn’t allow me to activate it as a Netflix device. All said, I should have bought a roku or other internet device (mac tv is on my list) and a simpler dvd player.
    The smart hub is a dumb hub.

  2. Derst says:

    it is very slow. Don’t know why it takes so long to boot. Smart hub is not good

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